Reactions / Wii U

Reaction: Wii U Launch

Today, for those lucky North American Nintendo fans with a quite a  few spare dollar bills, was the launch of the next generation of video games: the Wii U. For those of you that follow the Wii U or Nintendo, this moment has been waited for since E3 2011, when the Wii U was first reviled. The Wii U launched this morning at midnight.

Now it is time for the reaction on the pricing. At first, this September, when the Wii U prices and bundles were reviled, I was very dissapionted. Both bundles, I thought, were priced too high. But, as time went on, Nintendo announced the Wii U system was selling at a loss, and I thought: the price could’ve been higher. Really, you get a lot for both bundles, considering Nintendo could’ve had a $500 machine for the Deluxe Edition. But wait, that’s the same price as an iPad. And it shows lots more promise than one, too.

What do I think about the launch games? They blow my mind. If you are a so called “hardcore” twelve year old than you can buy the exclusive ZombiU, a tale about saving London from an army of Zombies; Call of Duty: BLOPS 2, a shoot and shoot and shoot again installement in Activision’s multimillion dollar franchise; along with others like Darksiders 2, Bayonetta 2 (Coming Next Year), and Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.

The eShop is amazing, too, compared to what it offers after only a day. What do like or dislike about the Wii U launch? Rant in the comments.


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