The Voice Finals: Power Rankings By Song

Time to rank the songs performed tonight, and the overall rankings!

  • 9. Nicholas David: Lean on Me 1pt
  • 8. Nick and CeeLo: Play that Funking Music 2pts
  • 7. Terry McDermott: Broken Wings 3pts
  • 6. Nick: Great Balls Of Fire/Fire 4pts
  • 5. Casadee Pope: Cry 5pts
  • 4. Terry and Blake: Dude (Looks Like a Lady) 6pts
  • 3.Cassadee Pope: Steve McQueen 7pts
  • 2. Terry: Wanna Know What Love Is 8pts
  • 1. Cassadee: Over You 9pts

Extra (Previous Songs)

  • 5. Nick: She’s Gone 1pt
  • 4. Cassadee: Stupid Boy 1pt
  • 3. Terry: Rhythm of Love 2pt
  • 2. Terry: Summer of ’69 2pt
  • 1. Cassadee: Payphone 3pt


  • 3. Nicholas David: 7pts
  • 2. Terry: 21pts
  • 1. Cassadee: 24pts

My winner prediction is….Casadee Pope!

Tune in tonight to see the results.




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